Pharmaceutical Compounding

What Is Pharmaceutical Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding is the process of mixing or altering two or more drugs or medicines in a particular strength and dosage that meets the needs of an individual.

There are many situations in which an individual’s pharmaceutical needs cannot be met by what exists in the current commercial drug market. Special circumstances regarding medicine sometimes require alternative routes, like in the examples below.

  • An allergy to a dye or other substance in a drug could make a market drug unusable, so a patient would need an alternative option.
  • A patient may require an exact dosage that isn’t available in the current drug market.
  • If a drug or drug combination becomes discontinued, an individual and their doctor may wish to utilize pharmaceutical compounding to find a suitable replacement.
  • A patient may require only one or a few parts of a combined medication. They and their doctor may wish to remove the unnecessary substance.
  • An inability to swallow pills is more common in children and elderly patients, who need an alternative way to take their medication.
  • A need for different form of medication, such as suppository, emulsion, eye/ear/nose drops, pills, lollipops, etc.

Our local family-owned business is here to help!

At Wauconda Pharmacy, we want to provide the highest quality of customized medication to our patients (humans and pets) to meet their specific needs. We strive to treat our patients like our own family and give them the options they otherwise wouldn’t have. Our compounds are mixed in a controlled environment for by our compounding pharmacists for patient-specific needs.

If you still have questions about pharmaceutical compounding or our other services, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our friendly and experienced staff can speak to you during our business hours at (847) 526-2591. Additionally, you can fill out a form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!